Week 1 “Get Fit & Flexible” PiYo Fitness Challenge Recap & Weekly Menu


Hey there everyone!! So, my summer has been flying by, how about yours? I spent 3 weeks traveling, mostly for son #2′s climbing competitions and also for the Beachbody Coach Summit in Vegas. Seems I’m behind on blogging and lots of other things because of all that! But, good news is I’m back for awhile […]

Recipe: Cuban Pot Roast Salad

Cuban Pot Roast

Tried something new for dinner tonight: Cuban Pot Roast & made it into a taco salad!!! I love salads but I like them best when they are a meal and have some warm protein on it. And, the fact that we use the CROCKPOT to make this makes it so much better. First, the roast […]

Vanilla Dark Chocolate Healthy “Blizzard” Smoothie

Vanilla Dark Chocolate "Blizzard" Smoothie

I drove past a Dairy Queen the other day and saw an advertisement for Blizzards on the sign. Back in the day, the old me would have likely not had to be talked into stopping to get one, and more often than not would get a Blizzard that was way more than one person should […]

Move It Monday 25 Rep Workout Challenge

Move it Monday 25 Rep Workout Challenge

I love having options for my workouts, don’t you? I mean, I LOVE teaching my INSANITY and yoga classes, plus the cardio classes I also teach. And I LOVE my at-home workouts, especially Focus T25. But you know? Sometimes something a little different is needed. Here’s one for you today: The “Move It Monday 25 […]

Super Sunday Full Body Fat Blaster Workout plus a NEW PERSONAL CHALLENGE

Do this workout once for a quick workout, or repeat 2 or 3 times for a full workout!

Hi all! I’ve been the poster child of inconsistency when it comes to my blog, but I’m ready to turn over a new leaf as far as that goes. There are a few things I’ve been working on adapting into my life over the last few weeks, beginning with getting up EARLY….. It started with […]

Move It Monday: Workout Challenge of the Week!

Move It Monday

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Hope you had some time to relax and have some fun with family and friends, but didn’t totally undo all your hard work over the past week.  I got the opportunity to spend the weekend enjoying my first fitness love: Yoga!  I started out by spending Friday afternoon with […]

REAL FOOD vs JUNK FOOD: How to eat well without busting your grocery budget


I want to take a moment to address what many people say is their biggest obstacle to eating healthy:   It’s the COST!   There is a belief that it costs too much to eat healthy food. This is entirely false.   There was a study recently published that it costs no more than $1.50 […]

Move It Monday Workout: April 21, 2014

Move It Monday April 21 2012

The weather is definitely improving & it’s time to buckle down & get beach ready (or at least short & tank top ready)  I’m starting a new series called “Move It Monday” that will have short but result producing mini workouts you can add to your fitness regime or use to get you up & moving, if your […]

Workouts: Spring Break Week of the 100′s Fitness Challenge

week of the 100s challenge

It’s SPRING BREAK!!!!   That means the end is near for this winter that’s seemed to go on forever!!!   I’m just a little happy about that; how about you?   Anyway, I have a fun fitness challenge for you to try out, if you dare……   It’s the Spring Break “Week of the 100′s” […]

Low Carb Chocolate Cheesecake

Low Carb Chocolate Cheesecake..... ALMOST guilt-free! ~www.RebeccaIngham.com

Todd and I spent 4 glorious days in Las Vegas last week as part of his *cough* 50th birthday celebration. His actual birthday was this past Saturday, and we made sure we scheduled the vacation to be home to celebrate the big day as a family, with the boys. It was pretty low key though: […]